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Building High Performance Teams

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High-performance teams (HPTs) is a concept within organization development referring to teams, organizations, or virtual groups that are highly focused on their goals and that achieve superior business results. High-performance teams outperform all other similar teams and they outperform expectations given their composition.
The training can be delivered over weekends as well as weekdays.
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A: A high-performance team can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, that produce superior results.

A: This workshop is helpful for people who :

  • Work in core work teams
  • Technical/administrative teams
  • Project teams
  • Work together daily

A:After attending this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify with different types of teams and how to define team success.
  • Create a team charter to develop your own high performing team.
  • Understand how to adapt your leadership style to be effective in different situations.
  • Communicate effectively with your team so that all team members contribute to the team’s goals.
  • Deliver team meetings and discussions that are participative and positive.

A: All our training is delivered by accredited trainers with more than 15 years of relevant work experience.

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A: We can conduct this course as a live online classroom.

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A: If in any case, you find yourself not satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

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