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The PHP Expert Training is a Live comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the fundamentals of PHP with extensive practice in coding of functional web applications. With constant technological advancements in this competitive era witnessing continuously changing programming platforms, PHP has now become the leading and highly accepted web-application development technology worldwide. The training can be delivered over weekends as well as weekdays.
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A: HP is an alternative to Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP) technology. As with ASP, the PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML. Before the page is sent to a user that has requested it, the Web server calls PHP to interpret and perform the operations called for in the PHP script.

A:With the constant advancement in technology and continuous change in programming platforms, the demand for trained PHP professionals is on a constant rise. Here are some of the major career benefits that come with this training program:

Average salary for trained PHP developer is $101,000. Source: (,-IL.html).
With the constant rise in the number of websites and internet marketing becoming a norm, IT companies across the globe are seeking competent PHP developers.
As organizations seek trained PHP professionals, trained professionals have an edge over their non-trained counterparts.
PHP development training provides practical knowledge for developing highly functional and powerful dynamic websites.


A: All of our Online classroom certification training is delivered by accredited trainers with more than 15 years of relevant work experience.

A: The PHP Expert Online Classroom training is an instructor led training which covers the following topics:

Fundamentals of PHP

Advanced PHP Development

How to build a CMS with PHP

How to create an image upload website with PHP

how to install PayPal Instant Payment notification with PHP

Instruction to CodeIgniter

Learn PHP Model View Controller Pattern

Learn PHP Programming from scratch

MySQL and PHP Fundamentals

PHP and MySQLi Database integration

PHP integration with Laravel 4

PHP Object Oriented Programming

Understanding PHP Data Objects

PHP Programming for absolute beginners

PHP Object Oriented Programming – Build a Login System

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expert trainers
years of cumulative experience

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A:It is a form of classroom training provided over the internet. This provides students with the convenience of choosing the best location for studying and undertaking the exam.

A:Any device that has been connected to a reliable internet connection and has been installed with quality video codecs and drivers is required to enable students’ stream live training broadcasts sessions.

A: If in any case, you find yourself not satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

A:You will never lose any lecture. You can choose either of the two options:

1. View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.

2. You can attend the missed session, in any other live training session.

A:You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks, we use PAYPAL as our payment gateway

A:If you have questions or want to know more about the course, you can get in touch with us in four ways:

You can chat with us using the chat option.
You can fill up the contact form and we promise to respond in two working days.
You can drop us an email at mentioning your phone number and convenient time and we will call you back.
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