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A powerful way to engage employees, improve performance, and build loyalty is to create a mentoring program. Pairing less experienced workers with tenured workers can help keep lines of communication open. It demonstrates an interest in the long-term goals and success of employees, identifies opportunities to meet those goals, assists in succession planning, and passes on important values, expertise and experience. The training can be delivered over weekends as well as weekdays.
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A:A mentor provides professional advice and support. He or she willingly shares knowledge, experience and often personal and professional network contacts. Successful mentoring can help less experienced individuals navigate away from costly mistakes. For a mentor, the relationship provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and the satisfaction from guiding others to professional success

A:Leaders and managers who are involved in mentoring programs or who are interested in creating a mentoring program in their organization or department

A: All our classroom training is delivered by accredited trainers with more than 15 years of relevant work experience.

A:After doing this course,you will be able to:

• Apply the essentials for launching a successful mentoring initiative.
• Determine a mentoring purpose and what mentee groups your program will serve.
• Use guidelines to find, prepare, and match mentors to mentees for win-win outcomes.
• Use a five step process for mentoring conversations to build strong relationships.


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A: We can conduct this course as a live online classroom.

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